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Mission Statement

The mission of Ephesus SDA Church Women's Ministries is to touch the lives of all females by the transforming power of Jesus Christ, discipling them to follow His example, and training them to love and minister to others.

Statement of Purpose

1. Reaching women through the transforming power and love of Jesus Christ.
2. Discipling women to follow Christ's example and live fulfilled lives in Jesus Christ.
3. Building wholeness and balance, both spiritually and mentally, through consistent prayer and study of God's Word.
4. Providing an atmosphere for women to develop their gifts, abilities, and lasting relationships.
5. Training women to find their place of ministry; and effectively touching their world for Christ.

The Women's Ministries Department of Ephesus SDA Church has designed a ministry in which every young lady and mature woman can participate. If you fall into any of these age groups, there is a ministry tailored just for you.

Ages 5-9, Buds ministry
Ages 9-11, Blossoms ministry
Ages 12-17, Blooms ministry
Ages 18-25, Bouquets ministry
All ages above 25 shares in the experience of being a part of the Sista ta Sista program.

This is an awesome opportunity for self development, expanding friendships, and experiencing a ministry that transcends the walls of the Church.

We will focus on teaching, learning, and ministering to each other through Titus 2 principles. We will have great times of serious study and light-hearted fun. An open invitation is extended to all who want to become a part of the ministry. 

For more information as to how our ministries here at Ephesus can meet your needs, please contact our leader Anne Jones.