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Health Ministry Update

The Health Ministry Team has begun ministering in our community. Our year began with conducting Healthy cooking classes held at the church. Twenty people participated in our first class where they learn how to prepare meals from the garden to the table for breakfast. 

Then it was off to Women at Heart Convention held on Saturday February 25th. This event was a tremendous success for the host and our Ministry. We passed out more than 280 flyers to attendees advertising our Healthy Cooking Classes and offered them an opportunity to win a free class. About 133 women entered our free cooking class drawing, names we can use for other outreach programs. We also distributed 250 brochures on 8 laws of health. We were pleasantly surprised that a plant based diets was also advocated by our host‘s presenter.  This aided our efforts to promote the health message.  We witness God moving on the hearts of many as we encounter them.  In fact many were compelled to stop at our booth.  God confirmed that the health message is indeed an entering wedge that can reach many.

God impressed on the hearts of some of the women from the convention to attend our second cooking class held the following Sunday, February 26th, where we conducted our lifestyle class and a cooking class lunch menu which were well received. Everyone enjoyed the fellowship and food. We thank Gwen Preston, Dollis Peters, Vanessa McLendon, Nzisa Barnes and Dean Wade who were God’s helping hands that made them a success!   If you missed our prior events, please mark your calendars and plan to join us for our upcoming events:

March  12 - 1 pm, Training by Health Ministry Director of SAC-Pastor Jones
April 23 - 2-4pm, Healthy Cooking with Friends cooking class